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Complete front and rear DUAL seat fixing set (14mm bolt & nut heads) Lambretta S3 (pre-'68)

Product Code: B77xx
Supplier: Casalambretta
Suitable for: Lambretta S3 (pre-'68)
EUR € 18,40
GBP £16.10
Complete DUAL SEAT fixing set for all Lambretta Series 3 pre-'68 models. Consists of : 8 x 14mm spanner size bolts, 8 x 14mm spanner size nuts, 4 x thick metal seat spacers (for the front fixing bracket), 8 x nylon spacers (for the rear catch) and 8 x 8mm wavy washers. It's common knowledge that 14mm headed fasteners are NOT easy to come by, so RLC supplies these kits to enable you to have the whole 14mm set for a top resto'.
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