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COMPLETE HIGH QUALITY ITALIAN MADE rubber parts set for Lambretta Special + TV S3
Manufacturer: casa_lambretta
Origin: Italy

COMPLETE HIGH QUALITY ITALIAN MADE rubber parts set for Lambretta Special + TV S3

Product code: ALC4X

Models: Lambretta Special, Lambretta SX, Lambretta TV3

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COMPLETE HIGH QUALITY ITALIAN MADE bodywork rubber parts set for Lambretta Special 125 / 150 + SX150 + SX200 + TV175 S3 + TV / GT200 models. Most so called 'complete rubber kits' on the market have two defects. First of all they are NOT really complete and you get the bare basics and secondly, most parts supplied are of Far Eastern or Indian origin. This is definately NOT the case here. ALL parts are TOP QUALITY Italian made and are the absolute business.

We have ensured that EVERYTHING needed for the bodywork is included, right down to the flywheel cowling grommets through to the petrol drip tray and sponge. You name it, it's here. (The only rubber parts NOT included are those needed for the footboard runners and fork buffers). 

The parts contained within the kit are;

T213 CPair of stand feet + pins 
C86 Kickstart rubber 
C82 Brake pedal rubber 
C65 Pair of sidepanel rubbers 
C18 Rubber grommet for petrol tap lever 
C95 Pair of bridge piece rubbers 
C75 Pair of legshield rubbers 
C99 Pair of side rubbers for horncover 
C100 'Horseshoe' lower rubber for horncover 
C103 Rear mudlfap 
C73k Complete rubber anti-vibration spacer kit for legshields + rear footboards 
4 x C50b rear frame rubber plug 
2 x C91 Pair of short toolbox door buffers 
2 x C91b Pair of long toolbox door buffers 
E62 Rear light unit rubber 
B37c Airscoop rubber 
L52 Pair of grips 
2 x C90 Rubber sidepanel buffer (they are different to those shown in the picture)
C102 Pair of front mudguard rubbers (they are different to those shown in the picture)
C74b Toolbox rubber 
C69 Rubber return buffer for kickstart pedal 
C93 Petrol drip tray + sponge 
4 x C64 Petrol tank side buffer
4 x C92 Petrol tank lower buffer 
4 x C91c Anti-vibration grommet for flywheel cowling 
B37 Oval airfilter rubber 
B37e Top airbox rubber ring 
L111 Set of 4 rubber shrouds for inner cables 
E112b Rubber protection for spark plug cap 
E112c HT lead lead rubber for rear footboard strut 
L113 Outer cables protection tube 
2 x L114 HT Triangualr rubber for HT lead + throttle cable outer 
L120 Gearchange linkage rubber cap 
E114 Stoplight switch rubber protection 
B21 Throttle cable protection cap (for carb) 
E125 rubber grommet for magneto LT wires 
C94 Petrol cap rubber 
E40b rubber ring for front headlight glass
E51 plastic gasket for rear light lense
C91ax pair of grommets for toolbox pins