TERMS & CONDITIONS FOR OFFERS + PROMOTIONS   RLC continually runs offers and promotions for set events, or set (publicised) time periods. All offers and promotions are for advertised products and these can NOT be exchanged for cash or monetary payments. All products used for offers or promotions are chosen between RLC and any secondary association / event organiser(s). Offers and promotions are chosen at our sole discretion and our decision is final. We reserve the right to cancel or withdraw offers or promotions at any moment without prior or written notice.

All promotional or special offer items are NOT accumulative. Only one promotional item or offer may be redeemed within a single order, or for multiple orders placed over a 48 hour period.

If an item advertised in a promotion or offer is temporarily unavailable, or out of stock, RLC will endeavour  to supply an alternative item, the choice of which is at our sole discretion. RLC cannot be held responsible for any damage, harm or incident following an offer or promotion run by others.

Offers and promotions for orders of a stipulated monetary value (i.e. ‘free RLC T Shirt for orders over €130!’) are applied to THE TOTAL OF THE GOODS ORDERED and do NOT include eventual postage or shipping costs (i.e. an order of €125.00 for goods + €10.00 P&P charges = €135.00 total for BOTH goods AND postage costs is NOT eligible for the promotion).  

SCOOTER CLUB EVENT SPONSORSHIP   RLC is a major sponsor for various events and clubs, at local, national and international level. We work to an annual budget and that is allocated based on customer loyalty of Club or Association members. We are happy to sponsor events where their members have shown loyalty to RLC. If you ask us to promote or sponsor your event we reserve the right to ask for a list of the Club or Association members to enable us to verify and / or calculate purchases made by members. Any list of Club or Association members given to us for the purpose of verifying customer loyalty will be disposed of immediately after verification and will not be passed onto third parties. RLC cannot be held responsible for any damage, harm or incident following an offer or promotion run by others.

INTERNET & WEBSITE OFFERS + PROMOTIONS  All offers + promotions advertised on line are subject to our Terms and Conditions as stated here above. 

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