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Complete 3 speed gearbox for Lambretta Cento 100cc

Complete 3 speed gearbox for Lambretta Cento 100cc
Product Code: ZK001
Supplier: CasaLambretta / Innocenti
Suitable for: Lambretta Cento 100cc (+ adapt. for all 3 speed J + Lui 3 speed models)
Country of Manufacture: Italy
EUR € 189,00
GBP £164.40

Complete 3 speed gearbox for Lambretta Cento 100cc models.

The gearbox consists of the following components:
1  x  1st gear cog (Irem: Z30)
1  x  2nd gear cog (Item: Z35)
1  x  3rd gear cog(Item: Z41)
1  x  cluster (Item: Z48)

These are standard 3-speed gearbox comonents for Lambretta Cento 100cc models, but can also be used in other 3-speed Lambretta Lui and J125 models for gearing purposes when tuning.

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