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Special 0.5mm LAYSHAFT shim for Cyclone 5 Speed gearbox

Special 0.5mm LAYSHAFT shim for Cyclone 5 Speed gearbox
Product Code: X160f
Supplier: Casa Performance / RLC
Suitable for: Cyclone 5 Speed gearbox
Country of Manufacture: Italy
EUR € 0,50
GBP £0.45
This is the special 0.5mm layshft shim for Cyclone 5 Speed gearboxes. This is NOT normally needed BUT can possibly be required if you are using certain makes of layhaft and / or rear wheel bearing (i.e. usually NON-Casa Lambretta components) and you need to align the 5th gear of the cluster with the loose 5th gear cog.

This special shim fits onto the layshaft itself and sits between the layshaft and rear hub bearing, thus effectively raising the layshaft and the loose 5th gear cog, if needed to obtain perfect alignment of the two 5th gears.
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'Cyclone 5 Speed' gearbox fitting instructions (2017)

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