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Rimini Lambretta Centre Tuning
Manufacturer: casa_lambretta
Origin: Italy

Complete Casa Lambretta front fork overhaul set

Product code: T47X

Models: Lambretta S1, Lambretta TV1, Lambretta S2, Lambretta TV2, Lambretta S3, Lambretta Special, Lambretta TV3, Lambretta SX, Lambretta GP, Lambretta Serveta

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Complete front fork overhaul set for Lambretta S1 + S2 + S3 (pre-'68 models) + Serveta

The set T47x consists of the following parts :
2 x T47 fork springs
1 x T47b guides for fork springs
4 x T45 bolt in rubber buffers + bolts + washers
4 x T49 special washer spacers for fork links
1 x T48 complete bush + main bolt set for fork links
2 x T49b upper fork spring stops

ALL parts supplied are top quality Italian made Casa Lambretta parts!