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High quality TRANSPARENT 'Touring' tall screen for Lambretta V-Special by Rimini Lambretta Centre

Product Code: NLA044
Supplier: Rimini Lambretta Centre
Suitable for: Nuova Lambretta V-Special 50-125-200
Country of Manufacture: Italy
EUR € 149,95
GBP £134.40

High quality transparent 'Touring' model tall-type screen for Lambretta V-Special scooter, by Casa Performance.

This is the new transparent Touring screen kit for Lambretta V-Special scooters made exclusively for Rimini Lambretta Centre here in Italy. It is supplied with a complete set of brackets and all necessary hardware. Dead easy to fit, extremely well made and very elegant. 

The difference between this screen and others on the market is the QUALITY. The Casa Performance screen is made from very high quality plexiglas by the same company that makes screens for MV and BMW motorcycles. The area around the headlight is lipped back at 90° for extra strength and rigidity (see pic with the red arrow). The purpose made CNC machined screen clamps are anodised black and the main mounting bars are chromed. You will not find a better made screen for your V-Special Lambretta.

To fit the screen, remove the 2 star shaped plastic discs on the underside of the headset. Once removed, the 8mm threads needed for the fixing bolts will be exposed and visible (see pics).

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