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SSR265 Scuderia engine with CasaCase casing (partially assembled)

SSR265 Scuderia engine with CasaCase casing (partially assembled)
SSR265 Scuderia engine with CasaCase casing (partially assembled) SSR265 Scuderia engine with CasaCase casing (partially assembled)
Product Code: X211sp


Supplier: Casa Performance / RLC
Suitable for: Lambretta S1 - S2 - S3 - GP DL - Serveta
Country of Manufacture: Italy
EUR € 3.450,00
GBP £3,024.50

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EUR € 3,450.00

SSR265 Scuderia engine with CasaCase casing (partially assembled)

Unless you’ve been living on the moon, you’ll know that within scootering circles, the SSR kits and engines have already touched mythical status and with their performance being head and shoulders above anything else on the market, it’s easy to understand why. The performance is mental : loads of torque, pulling like a freight train even from low down the rev range and they are seriously FAST! This engine is LOADS of fun! 

We know that not everyone can afford a complete SSR engine so following on from the success of our the partially-assembled SS240 and SS250 engines we currently offer, we have now decided to add the amazing external-stud SSR250 & SSR265 Scuderia set-ups to this fold. 

In our own engines we fit a Cyclone 5 Speed gearbox and a Protti exhaust but you can choose to fit what you prefer. That’s why we are supplying this partially completed, with the crank, main bearings & oilseals and cylinder kit already fitted. You just fit your transmission and ignition of choice, fine tune the carb for your environment and you're sorted!

Expected power output from this SSR265 Scuderia engine would be approx. 45bhp+, obviously depending on what exhaust system and carburettor you use.

The SSR265 Scuderia comes complete with the following parts;

1 x complete CasaCase engine casing kit (with anodised parts)
1 x 68mm stroke crank (fitted)
2 x crankshaft bearings (fitted)
2 x crankshaft oilseals (fitted)
1 x pr. silentblocks (fitted)
1 x complete latest spec. SSR265 Scuderia kit with 'Radiale' cylinder head (fitted)
1 x inlet manifold with 39mm rubber carb mounting
1 x small end bearing (fitted)
1 x cylinder cowling
1 x CNC flywheel cowling 
Gaskets, fasteners and sundries for the fitment of the top-end

Please note that this engine is a heavy bit of kit and is shipped in a specially made protective wooden crate. Shipping costs charged intially upon ordering may only be partial and final costs will be based upon the buyers actual address. We will subsequently contact you with these. Shipping costs are the actual costs and are EXACT. An indication of costs is; Euro 100 mainland Europe / Euro 100-140 UK / Euro 250+ USA. Orders for engines with Black anodised parts will be despatched in early June 2018, whereas orders for either the 'Blue' or 'Silver' options are available immediately.

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