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Ball ended clutch + front brake lever (large type)

Ball ended clutch + front brake lever (large type)
Product Code: L180
Supplier: Casalambretta
Suitable for: Lambretta GP DL
EUR € 14,00
GBP £12.30
These levers offers a narrower width from the scooters handlebar grip and when used in conjunction with a teflon lined cable, it gives a superb, silky smooth lever action. Being closer to the actual bars, thanks to the curved-back shape, also means that these are ideal for those with smaller hands and ladies alike. Kicked-back dog leg levers were originally produced by Innocenti and fitted as stanard on all late production GP & DL Lambretta's. The Innocenti levers had smaller ball-ends and the Indian factory enlarged the measurement as a safety measure, to the larger, more common size as seen on these levers.

The actual shape of these levers means they are a real pleasure to use and once tried, you'll never go back to 'normal' shaped levers. On that you can bet your Grannies pension.....

Sold singularly. If you require a pair see item : L180x
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