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NEW! Soffietto 'CasaMaxiFlow' per carburatori maggiorati tipo Dell'Orto PHBL 25mm-26mm

Product Code: X62a
Supplier: Casa Performance
Suitable for: For Dell'Orto PHBL25mm / 26mm carbs (+ other makes that have a similar size)
EUR € 20,00
GBP £17.70

NEW! This is the 'CasaMaxiFlow' mega-airhose for 25-26mm size carburettors (such as the Dell'Orto PHBL25). This has been meticulously studied to ensure that the airflow is not obstructed in any way and when used in conjunction with the MaxiFlusso manifolds, the airhose will NOT touch the inside of the scooters' sidepanels.

The measurement of the opening on the inside is 38-39mm.

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