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Motorex Copper grease

Motorex Copper grease
Product Code: OAL009
Supplier: Motorex
EUR € 21,00
GBP £18.00

With a useage temperature range of -40°C up to +1200°C, this is one of the best copper greases available on the market. This Swiss grease is ideal for use on parts and bolts that are tucked away out of sight but are prone to seizing! Once a small smear of this is appied, you're sorted. This seals and protects like no other. This amazing grease is also an incredible exhaust sealant which is ideal between U bends and main exhaust bodies. It seals perfectly but unlike common exhaust paste, when you go to remove your exhaust it will come away without you having to batter it to death! This gets used extensively in the RLC workshops so you can use this with complete peace of mind.

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