The prices displayed on this web site are displayed primarily in Euro’s (€). The prices shown on-line in GBP Sterling (£) are AN INDICATION ONLY. All prices in Euro’s are inclusive of Italian sales tax (IVA) applied at the correct percentage rate at the time of purchase. All prices in Euro’s are valid and accepted only within European countries where the currency is used, and such prices do NOT include shipping, handling or possible import duties, if applicable, which could be added to your total invoice price by Rimini Lambretta Centre, couriers or destination / local Customs.

All billing is in Euro’s, unless stated otherwise. As RLC generates all billing in Euro’s, we receive all payments in Euro’s via the various third parties used during a transaction (i.e. Banks, Credit Card companies, Credit institutions, Paypal etc.). Your RLC invoice or bill will indicate a TOTAL IN EURO’S and that is the currency of the payment we, RLC, receive. All RLC billing and invoices also indicate comparative individual prices and totals in GBP Sterling FOR INDICATION PURPOSES ONLY (these are included as Great Britain is RLC’s main market). If there is any difference between the GBP Sterling price on your RLC invoice or bill, and that deducted by your Bank or Credit institution, this is caused by them applying different exchange rates, or surcharges, for which RLC cannot be held responsible. 

RLC’s website is directly linked to the Yahoo! on-line exchange rate and this is continuously amended hourly. Payment in other currencies can only be arranged by prior agreement with RLC. The prices on this web site are subject to change, without notice.


There are various ways to purchase goods from Rimini Lambretta Centre (RLC). These are :

1. On-line, via our website (e-commerce)
2. By telephone
3. By fax
4. By normal postal correspondence
5. By email
6. Visit our shop in Poggio Torriana, near Rimini 

1. PURCHASING GOODS ON-LINE (‘e-commerce’)   The first thing to do is  . If you have NOT already registered, then you will need to do so. This can be done by clicking on the  button (at the top right of the website on a PC). The reason for this is if we need to contact you, we need your full contact details to enable us to do so. 

1.1. If you have not already done so, first of all you must REGISTER on the website. Only 'registered' customers can purchase goods on the website. (Note: new customers can add goods directly to their Cart before Registering on-line but the whole process is a LOT easier if you register beforehand). 

1.2. Now Login to the website by clicking on the  button. 

1.3. Once logged-in, you will be taken to the My Dashboard page that shows your previous order history and gives you access to all your registered details. For the purpose of this purchase guide, now click on the Store  button on the main Menu bar (on a PC). 

1.4. If you are unfamiliar with the site, click on the HOW TO USE WEBSITE button at the bottom of each page (on a PC). 

1.5. Once you have found the good(s) that you wish to purchase, first choose / alter the QUANTITY and then click on the  button that each item has within its description. A pop-up box will momentarily appear to confirm that the item has been added to your Cart. The Cart symbol will also indicate the quantity of items / goods contained within your Cart. 

1.6. Once you have finished adding goods to your Cart, click on the CHECKOUT button (near the British & Italian flag icons, on a PC). You will be taken to the CHECKOUT page. 

1.7. You will then have 5 quick and simple steps to make. The first is Billing Information, which shows the address for billing and to who the receipt will be made out to. The box will indicate the main registered address where the goods will be sent to. If you are happy with the name & address shown, now click the CONTINUE button and you will automatically be taken to Step ‘3’ the Shipping Method page (effectively skipping Step ‘2’, i.e. the Shipping Information page).

1.8. If you wish to change the shipping address, click the small arrow symbol at the end of the address bar and a drop-down box will appear showing all addresses registered to your account (if any) and a final option of ADD NEW ADDRESS. Click on that and this will take you to the Step ‘2’, the Shipping Information page, where you can add a new address. Once completed at the bottom, you are given an option to add the new address to your Save in Address Book and that will remain registered to your account along with any other addresses already registered. Then click the  button.

1.9. The next step (Step ‘3’) is the SHIPPING METHOD, that indicates the automatically calculated shipping method(s) with the chosen courier and the cost in Euro’s. Normally there will be just one courier shown (the cheapest) but in some cases there will be more than one and you can choose which you prefer. More information on our couriers and shipping methods can be seen in the SHIPPING page at the bottom of the site (on a PC). Now click the  button.

1.10. You are now on (Step ‘4’) the Payment Information page where you have three possible payment ‘Options’. These are:

Option 1. Credit Cards

Option 2. Payment by cards or Paypal account


(For customers with a registered address is in Italy, you will also be given another ‘Option’ which is Contrassegno (Cash On Delivery). 

If you click on the first Option, ‘Credit Cards’, it will take you directly to Step ‘5’, Order Review, with an over-sight of your entire order, item by item. (At this point, you’re also given the chance to add a ‘NOTE’ for us at the bottom of your order if you so wish and you will be asked for your T shirt size (obligatory) if you are eligible for a promotional gift). Now click the  button. This will automatically take you to a dedicated page connected to your our Banks Credit Card payment system. This is secure and you are obliged to complete the various obligatory fields (marked *) including the ‘I AGREE’ button of the Privacy agreement in order to proceed (if you click the I DO NOT AGREE button you’ll be taken away back to our site but with an empty Cart, albeit the contents can be retrieved / re-ordered by accessing your previous orders shown on your Dashboard). Complete the required fields and then click the FORWARD button. 

If you choose the second Option, ‘Payment by cards or Paypal account’, you are given the choice of either paying with Paypal, by Debit Card or by Credit Card. (There is also the option of paying by ‘Postepay’ for Italian-based customers only). Once you have completed the required fields, click the  button. (At this point, you’re also given the chance to add a ‘NOTE’ for us at the bottom of your order if you so wish and you will be asked for your T shirt size (obligatory) if you are eligible for a promotional gift). 

If you choose the third Option, ‘I’LL PAY LATER, PLEASE CONTACT ME!’, you can complete your order WITHOUT paying immediately. This Option is ideal if you wish to pay via Bank Transfer, or if you have encountered problems completing your on-line payment process. Once your order is received, we will then contact you to arrange the payment method. 

2. PURCHASING GOODS BY TELEPHONE   To order goods by telephone, please call : 0039 0541 686449 during shop hours (see the opening times indicated at the bottom of each page. For English please select Internal 1 (Dean), for Italian choose Internal 2 (Alex or Isabella) and for French please choose Internal 3 (Marco). 

3. PURCHASING GOODS BY FAX   To order goods by fax, please send to : 0039 0541 686449. The fax is automatic so please ‘SEND’ once the initial answerphone message starts. RLC’s fax will automatically turn on and proceed to receive your fax. We will then contact you. (As this method of ordering is not the most efficient, we strongly advise customers to call us once they have sent their fax to ensure it has safely arrived at RLC).

4. PURCHASING GOODS BY POSTAL CORRESPONDANCE   Please send a letter to RLC’s address :

Rimini Lambretta Centre
Via Delle Industrie 13
Poggio Torriana (RN)

stating the Casa Lambretta part code(s) or number(s) if known, the model / make/ engine cc capacity / year etc. of the scooter that the parts are destined for. Please provide all your contact details along with preferred payment method. We will then contact you.  

5. PURCHASING GOODS BY EMAIL   There are various email address that can be used but the main two for email purchases are : and . The ‘sales@rim…’ email address is also used when ordering on-line and all initial correspondence is made via this address. When ordering, please be as concise as possible and include information that may help us to serve you better, and quicker, (such as the part code or number if known, the model / make / engine cc capacity / year etc. of the scooter that the parts are destined for). Also, please include a contact telephone number if possible. If we have trouble contacting you via email, we can call you. We will endeavour to reply as quickly as possible but please be patient as we receive literally hundreds of emails a day. If you have trouble contacting us with these email addresses (some email hosts have aggressive spam filters that may block emails that use ‘info@...’  or ‘sales@...’ ), please use or . Please note that if you receive an email reply, or correspondence, from us that has ‘spam score****’ within it’s content, or title, this is nothing untoward and purely indicates that RLC’s spam filter may have labelled the email this way after detecting possible spam content. 

6. PURCHASING GOODS BY VISITING OUR SHOP   Please see the address and opening hours of the shop at the bottom of each page on this website.  A step-by-step guide how to reach us can also be found on the Contact page at the top of the site, on the first row of the main MENU bar. If you are making a special journey, please contact us beforehand as (1.) we cannot guarantee we will be open, due to various events that the staff of RLC may attend throughout the year and (2.) we cannot guarantee the availability of the goods you may wish to purchase at the time of your visit. Please make a quick call before visiiting us!

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