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H.T.  Ceab ignition coil (adaptable)
H.T.  Ceab ignition coil (adaptable) H.T.  Ceab ignition coil (adaptable)
Origin: Italy

H.T. Ceab ignition coil (adaptable)

Product code: E260

Models: Lambretta S1, Lambretta S2, Lambretta S3, Lambretta GP, Lambretta J, Lambretta Luna - Vega, Lambretta TV2, Lambretta TV3, Lambretta SX, Lambretta Special

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H.T. ignition coil (adaptable). These are a superb replacement for the original round type coils as fitted to Lambrettas in the factory. This coil solves all the usual problems associated with the old type coils, such as the engine cutting out or misfiring when you turn the lights on, cutitng out when hot, bad starting when hot etc. etc.