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Lambretta TV200 'All Mod Cons' Mad Col

What a bike...both for the end effect and the time and sheer effort to build it. Mad Col is a demanding person so with RLC & Nick T. guiding him thro' the darker patches, we all came up with this scooters design. The scooter started life as a simple white TV200 and we could write a book on the transformation to the finished article. The most amazing thing is the paintwork - which contrary to everyone covering their bike in 'wrap around' films nowdays, this was all done using good old fashioned PAINT. The leopard effect process was done as follows: the parts were painted in the base beige & gold flashed colours, the parts were then submerged into a tank filled with VERY toxic liquids, a transparent film with leopard skin effect paint is layered over the liquids surface, after 14 seconds the film totally dissolves leaving just the leopard skin paint patches on the surface, the scooter part is then lifted out and the leopard paint clings to the ready painted part. Once dryed, layers of transparent are applied and the end results are as seen above. Perfect. To do something as big as a frame, it took 8 dips into the tank to complete! A lot of work but breathtaking is the only word. Col saw to the scooters plating and despite most of the parts being NOS or minters, it was still a bit of a mare' to build up. Col is the accessory king and wanted everything possible on the scooter. As anybody who has built a scooter with loads of accessories can testify, most don't initially fit and need endless hours to ensure they end up as they should. The lights were layered out to Cols design (seen here above on a white cloth to get the desired layout!) and once wired up, come on in 'V' formations. The 3 pipe exhaust was RLC's idea and really is like nothing else ever made, seen or heard before. And it works a treat. The scooter has some of the rarest accessories ever seen and the highlights have to be the Nannucci backrest and the chromed inside legshield toolbox. EVERYTHING was modified in some way or other (e.g.:check out the nearside footboard extension sorted to clear the exhaust) and took hours upon hours. We had a strict deadline to build this scooter for which was last years IOW rally as Col wanted it for the custom show. We were working on this Lambretta from 8am to gone 2-3am everyday for several weeks and I can safely say that we have never been so fuc#in' knackered in our lives. If anyone thinks building scooters for a living is easy then they should come over here and work on something similar... This story has a happy ending as we finished the scooter in time (just), Col got his dream Mod scooter and he collected 'Best Mod Scooter' at the IOW show. Job done and everyone happy. Grin Factor 10+

Lambretta TV200 'All Mod Cons'
Original Mad Col.

TV200 casings, TV200 cylinder with Borgo piston, SX200 gearing (to help pull the load), 12V 180W Ducati points electrics, NOS 20mm carb, uprated clutch, one off RLC made 42mm reverse cone exhaust with 3 different original Outrigger tailpipes exiting on the left, acid dipped casings with more chrome than is healthy...


Leopard effect paintwork over Metallic beige & gold and coppered panelwork.