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Model D Italo Sartini

This is one of those rare occasions whereby we had to build a pre-'57 Lambretta! In the past we've done a few but given the choice... This particular scooter is owned by Italo Sartini who just so happens to be the father of Fabri, RLC's exhaust & fabrication genius. We've doing it for him as a 'favour' as he'd previously had the scooter restored by someone else locally, but wasn't happy with the quality of the work. These scooters are complex but as with TV1's, everybody thinks that the engines are difficult whereas the truth is they're actually quite simple to work on. Italo insisted that the D has to be totally standard with the exception of having mirror polished stainless fasteners throughout and the stunning 'Flash Gordon' original number plate & rear light unit accessory we also fitted. The scooter was stripped completely and then meticulously rebuilt using all new parts and we also added a mountain of NOS Innocenti parts as well, which always make all the difference once the scooter is completed. Once a few minor teething problems were sorted out, we started to clock up the miles and the scooter is actually a lot quicker than one would imagine. On the road, it pulls like a train and also 'pulls' attention once parked up as well. This is a real 'magnet' for the public and you only have to look at it to realise why. Italo now has the scooter back in his hands and he's enjoying it more than ever. Sorted.

Lambretta Model D150
Italo Sartini, Italy