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BGM 'High Flow' Competition airfilter (for standard type filter boxes) Lambretta S3

Product Code: X413
Supplier: BGM SCK
Suitable for: Lambretta S3 - GP DL - Serveta (models with central / vertical airfilter box)
Country of Manufacture: Germany
EUR € 19,90
GBP £17.40
One of the easiest ways to gain some performance from a Lambretta is to simply fit a ‘Clubman’ exhaust. Whilst the instant gain in overall performance is obviously welcomed and beneficial, Clubman exhausts can possibly cause the scooters carburation to become overly rich (‘boggy’) at low throttle openings. The BGM Hi - Flow Competition Lambretta Air Filters will resolve that instantly. These superb quality, meshed filters offer an increased, completely unrestricted flow of air into the scooters engine. Ideal for use on both tuned or standard machines with guaranteed results. Without a doubt, the best quality 'high flow' air filter for Series 3 Lambrettas. An absolute 'MUST HAVE PART' for scooters fitted with kits such as Mugello or Casa 185, where the carb normally breathes through the original airfilter box. Or as a replacement part for any Lambretta Series 3, where a noteable increase in performance will be gained. Washable and extremely high quality - real value for money once again from the SCK crew.
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