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Fork spring compressor tool Lambretta J Range + Lui Vega Cometa

Product Code: B216

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Supplier: Casalambretta
Suitable for: Lambretta J - Lui Vega Cometa
EUR € 25,00
GBP £22.10

This tool is perfect for stripping fork springs in J Range models. Seemingly no original Innocenti tool exists for this job, which is a right royal pain in itself, so this Casa tool solves all those woes.

Instructions for use of the tool B216 : Insert the main section of the tool (Part ‘A’) alongside the fork spring as per Pic. 1. Then slide in the small curved piece of the tool (Part ‘B’) over the actual fork spring, with the small indentation facing towards the main section of the tool as per Pic. 2. Then compress the fork spring by hooking a ring spanner (or similar) over the end of the fork link and use that as a lever, as per Pic.3. With the link now pushing / compressing the fork spring, tighten the bolt (Part ‘C’). This will keep the spring in the compressed position, enabling you to subsequently remove the fork link.

The other small hexagonal piece supplied with the tool is for Lui Vega and Cometa forks. This works in a similar way in that once the fork link has been levered, compressing the spring, this piece slides over the end of the internal spring guide. Once the bolt has been tightened, the spring remains in it's 'compressed' position and the fork link can then be removed.
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