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BUILT BY RLC! Complete plug 'n' play Casa Performance SST265 Touring engine

BUILT BY RLC! Complete plug 'n' play Casa Performance SST265 Touring engine
Product Code: X211t
Supplier: Casa Performance / RLC
Suitable for: Lambretta SST265 Touring
Country of Manufacture: Italy
EUR € 9.000,00
GBP £7,777.40

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EUR € 9,000.00

BUILT BY US HERE AT RLC : SPECIAL SERIES OF JUST 5 ENGINES! Complete plug 'n' play Casa Performance SST265 Touring engine.

These are the best Lambretta engines ever made for touring. If you thought your scooter was good for touring, think again. OUT OF THE BOX they have 32bhp and pull like a freight train from 2500 right up to 9,000rpm. NOTHING comes close for touring. Whether you’re riding solo, or with a passenger and a load of luggage, this motor will haul you up hill, down dale at CONSTANT speeds you never previously thought possible on a Lambretta.

One of the RLC crew recently rode a SST265 from Rimini in Italy over to North Yorkshire the UK, and then back to Italy again: The whole trip with zero problems along the way, an 80mph average cruising speed and a fun factor of 10+. Try doing that on a Lambretta with any other kit fitted. Want to read the article about the trip? Then get yourself a copy of the latest ScooterNova Magazine HERE  Check out the SLUK feature HERE as well.

RLC will produce an EXCLUSIVE, numbered and certified production run of just 5 x complete plug ‘n’ play SST265 Touring engines. Each engine will be 5-speed with all the latest Casa Performance goodies and will be ready to fit, with carb, box-type exhaust, cowlings and all electrical components. The only thing you’ll need is your rear wheel. (Thereafter the Touring SST265 engines will only be availabe as a self-build kit or via Casa Performance dealers).

You get to choose the colour of the anodised parts between blue, silver and black. 

- The best production Lambretta Touring kits / engines ever made
- Can be fitted to any Lambretta S1 + S2 + S3 + GP / DL + Serveta scooter without modification
- Output =  32bhp at the rear wheel with 'Box' type exhaust (or 40bhp with a Protti)
- Cruising Speed = 80mph / 130kph+ as standard, day in, day out
- Top Speed = 90mph / 150kph+ as standard
- Choice of the colour for the anodised parts
- Extensive Casa Performance dealer backup for technical advice, help and assistance 
- Race proven parts for the road going scooterist
- EVERY single component is of HIGH QUALITY European manufacture
- None of the usual messing around, 'fettling' or 'having to get things to fit'. It fits. It works. End of. Simple.

Expected ETA delivery date will be Spring 2019. Shipping costs will be calculated AT COST depending on the customers location!

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