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Thick sidecar wheel hub bearing Watsonian sidecar

Product Code: 004223
Supplier: Watsonian / Timken
Year of construction: 1966
Suitable for: Watsonian sidecar
EUR € 231,25
GBP £202.80
This is the thicker of the two bearings that fits in the sidecar wheel hub, of Watsonian sidecars. This bearing - unlike the other sidecar bearing we are currently selling - is DEFINATELY NOT readily available. Timken have a 'location' system for finding their bearings acrosss Europe and at the moment these bearings are totally unavailable. The last one we heard of being sold (about 3 years ago) fetched £450+VAT, so go figure that one......We're selling this under cost price, as part of a 'clearance sale' we're having on sidecar parts.
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NOS - mint

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