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Complete petrol fuel pump kit (NON electrical / vacuum pressure fed)

Product Code: X18e

Fuel starvation problems? Not any more with this kit!

Supplier: Casa Performance / RLC
Suitable for: Per tutti i motori elaborati
EUR € 75,00
GBP £66.40

This is the complete petrol fuel pump kit by Casa Performance. These are the very same kits as perfected by the 'Casa Lambretta Racing Team' and supplied as standard with all SSR250 and SSR265 Scuderia engines built by us! 

How many times have you been flat out when suddenly the scooter dies…you close the throttle, wait a few seconds and slowly it comes back to life?  What has happened is that your carb has run dry and the fuel being fed into it was not supplied at a fast enough speed to suit the engines requirements. The float bowl ran dry and your scooter died. The best case scenario when this happens is that you simply lose power for a few seconds, fuel enters the carb and off you go again…until the next time. The worst case scenario is that your engine seizes up with all the mechanical consequences and your rear wheel locks up if you don’t catch the clutch quick enough. Not nice.

So what is the simple solution to this? High powered engines - and even standard ones that are used hard - all could benefit from the parts you see here. The main ingredient is the fuel pump. It’s pressure fed i.e. from crankcase / cylinder pressure and the way it works is that with every single, engine rotation, the pressure (vacuum) created activates the pump so fuel is literally sucked from the tank and pushed towards the carb, thus ensuring a constant flow and your carb doesn’t run dry. No electrical feed is needed. Excess fuel is simply sent back into the tank, via a breather flow stud attached to the top, near the filler cap.

And don’t think it’s only monster engines that need this: recently we fitted kits to both a Gilera Runner 180 and a bog-standard Lamby Polo, both of which suffered from fuel starvation and these kits cured the problem on both machines instantly.

This Casa Performance kit resolves all fuel starvation issues and although designed primarily for reedvalved Lambretta engines, it can be used on just about any 2 stroke machine. Fitting is straightforward and all instructions are supplied with each kit. 

Each kit contains the following parts: 

1  x  Vacuum fuel pump X18c
2  x  Special breather studs
2  x  copper washers
1  x  fine thread 8mm nut 
1  x  Toyox fuel pipe (1.2m length)

8  x  Clamps for fuel pipe

The pump works on pressure so to utilise this pump you will need to make two small modifications to make it work. Firstly, you will need to fit one of the breather valve studs provided for the pressure needed to operate the pump. For reed-valved engines, this can be done on the side of the casting where the reedvalve sits (see pics). For NON reedvalved engines, this will need to be done either on the actual crankcase (need the bumpstop on top of the engine is fine), or on the side of the cylinder, where the transfers are (more difficult to do). 

Secondly, the other breather valve stud provided is needed to provide an 'overflow' near the top of your petrol tank 'neck', for excess fuel to be returned back to the tank. This is done by simply drilling the top of the tank with an 8mm hole and fitting the stud. 

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